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Joseph B. Manley

When working on a new project, you may want a simple website to share your game with friends and something that can, later on, support many thousands of active users. AWS offers a great storage solution called “Simple Storage Service” or “S3” that can do just that! For those unaware, AWS is Amazon’s cloud hosting platform. S3 is one of AWS’s core services that provides a simple key file store that users can access over the web or AWS’s easy-to-use API.

Below is a guide on how to get started with S3 with Godot HTML5. …

Over the weekend, I had some fun and experimented with Haxe. For those unaware, Haxe is a typed multi-platform high-level programming language mostly used for game development, such as the indie hit Deadcells. While exporting to JavaScript, I thought, “Hey, would this work with Lambda?” Sure, enough, it can.

Image Source: Haxe Foundation

Is it very practical? I’m not so sure. Haxe isn’t as popular as Python or JavaScript, therefore not having as much third-party support, and Haxe isn’t run directly but rather as an exported language of your choice. …

Gameplay image captured from community live stream by Fornclake

TetraForce is an open-source multiplayer action-adventure RPG inspired by the popular Zelda game, Link's Awakening. It uses Godot’s built-in UDP networking library and scripting language for most of the game’s logic.

The main developers managing the project are fornclake and TheRetroDragon. Back in July, I got in contact with them to discuss putting TetraForce into the cloud! Within a week, TetraForce was running on AWS. Since then, there have been many gradual improvements to get the project where it is today.

For a summary of this project, the Amazon Elastic Container Service cluster manages and runs TetraForce’s containers using a…

Over a year ago now, I came across a fancy little library called Zappa. For those unaware, Zappa is a serverless framework for Flask and Django. In this case, it runs on the AWS cloud using API Gateway to call lambda functions. It is an excellent solution for creating REST APIs or low traffic website, and since it is serverless, it can scale relatively easily. So let’s launch a simple flask application with Zappa.

Photo by Dallas Reedy on Unsplash

Our requirements.txt

Zappa is a framework for Flask, so that means python. Luckily because it’s in python, as long as you have it installed correctly, additional dependencies are…

Joseph B. Manley

AWS Community Builder & Cloud Engineer

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