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How TetraForce runs Godot on AWS

Gameplay image captured from community live stream by Fornclake
AWS Diagram displaying which services are used within TetraForce’s cloud infrastructure


FROM centos:centos8

RUN yum install -y wget unzip libXcursor openssl openssl-libs libXinerama libXrandr-devel libXi alsa-lib pulseaudio-libs mesa-libGL


# Install Godot Server
&& unzip Godot_v${GODOT_VERSION} \
&& mv Godot_v${GODOT_VERSION}-stable_linux_headless.64 /usr/local/bin/godot \
&& chmod +x /usr/local/bin/godot

# Create Runtime User
RUN useradd -d /tetra tetra

# Add pck file
ADD build/TetraForce.pck /tetra/TetraForce.pck

CMD /usr/local/bin/godot --main-pack /tetra/TetraForce.pck --empty-server-timeout=300

Server Management


CloudWatch Events

"source": ["aws.ecs"],
"detail-type": [ "ECS Task State Change" ]

Client Integration

export(String) var api_endpoint = ""

var _http_client : HTTPRequest
# Asynchronous coroutine.
# Requests API for data from a specific server
# Returns: {"message": [MESSAGE], "data" : [DATA] }
func get_server(lobby : String) -> Dictionary:
_http_client.request("https://" + api_endpoint + "/get_servers?server=" + str(lobby), [], true, HTTPClient.METHOD_GET)
var result = yield(_http_client, "request_completed")
if len(result) > 3 and result[1] == 200:
var json : JSONParseResult = JSON.parse(result[3].get_string_from_utf8())
if json.error:
return _build_error_message(json.error_string)
return json.result

return _build_error_message("Request failed!")

What’s next?

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